Resources For Off Campus Living

This website is a compilation of information about living off-campus and the resources available to students. LOC 101 is designed to set students up for success off campus and beyond. You will find valuable information on moving off-campus, the search, living off-campus, and moving out.

Off-Campus Housing Websites For Zip Code 43606

Know your responsibilities as a tenant and click on the link below to ready more about your rights and laws that are set up to help you. Be sure to read your lease agreement carefully!

Utility Services For Zip Code 43606

Places to find utilities for your home, such as Internet service, electricity, etc.

University of Toledo, OH, 43606

University of Toledo
2801 W Bancroft St
Toledo, OH 43606

For students wishing to live on-campus, check the official student housing options page at UT.

University Disclaimer

The University of Toledo maintains an off-campus housing list. This list is maintained for the convenience of the student and the University has not inspected, reviewed or approved any of the off-campus housing and the University is not the owner or operator of any of the listed properties, even though some have university or college business names.

The off-campus housing list is only a record of possible openings in the community and is being provided solely for student convenience. This list does not reflect which properties are currently rented or available or the pricing or condition of any properties. In issuing this list, The University of Toledo, OH, 43606, assumes no responsibility for any claims or liability arising out of or resulting from the use or renting of any of the listed space, nor for the condition of the housing, services or safety for any of the properties listed in this brochure.